About the research

This book is based on months of research on how ecommerce entrepreneurs make importante decisions, such as where to spend their marketing budgets or when to invest in SEO.

We looked at the numbers from thousands of successful online stores using Compass, an analytics solution for ecommerce, to arrive at a set of recommendations about how to build a successful ecommerce business.

About this book

Ecommerce Genome is a guide to building a successful online store. It was written for starting entrepreneurs and seasoned ecommerce managers alike. In Ecommerce Genome you'll learn:

  • What does the data say about growing a successful online store?
  • A new way of managing businesses, inspired by tech startups.
  • Data-based answers to pressing questions facing every day decision-making in ecommerce management.


1. Getting started

The steps after the “I have a great idea for an online store” are often overlooked, but fundamental to a company’s success. Before you take the plunge, there are three main questions that will form the backbone of your ecommerce strategy: the Product/Market Fit question, the Product/Channel Fit question and the Unique Marketing Advantage question.

2. Growth

This section is about how to start a business that is prepared for growth. You'll learn some of the strategies the best online stores in the world use to acquire new customers. We'll look in detail at the most effective acquisition channels for ecommerce stores today: Direct Sales, Search Engines, Influencers, Facebook Advertising, Social Media.

3. Retention

The last section is all about the customer. We'll dig into the data of thousands of successful stores to learn how valuable loyal customers can be for ecommerce businesses and what does the data say about different strategies that can help increase loyalty.

4. Learning

A new way of managing a company based on how successful tech startups operate. The key to do that is the ability to learn. If a company can adapt to whatever comes their way, be that a case of bad PR or a new scary competitor, it will multiply their chances of success.

About the author

Ramon Bez is a growth hacker with ten years of experience in using data to find opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth. In his previous ecommerce job, at TourRadar, he helped raise revenues from $500k to $1M in under a year. In Compass he is responsible for researching Compass's data system and write content on how to grow an online store based on data.

About Compass

With thousands of merchants making $13B+ in annual GMV, Compass is the leading solution for automated management reports and benchmarks for small and medium-sized online merchants. It is made for executives who seek visibility on how to improve their business’ ROI without having to rely on a team of analysts. Compass automatically prepares best-practice reports and benchmarks for your weekly and monthly business meetings.