About this book

Ecommerce Genome is a book that answers the 4 most important questions any ecommerce entrepreneurs should know:

  1. How to get started?
  2. How to ignite growth?
  3. How to retain customers?
  4. How to build a longevous business?

No “hacks”, no magic formulas. Only data-driven advice supported by case studies of dozens of successful stores.

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1. How to get started

  • Figure out how much it costs to start an online business
  • Learn how successful stores tested out their ideas before committing to them
  • Understand if/when you should quit or persevere if your business isn't booming yet

2. How to ignite growth

  • Find the best marketing channels for your store
  • Learn how Influencers, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Direct Sales can drive sales
  • Get inspired by businesses that bootstrapped their way to success

3. How to retain customers

  • Learn techniques to keep customers coming back
  • Figure out the right retention strategy for your store
  • Read great case studies from some of the world's best at retaining customers

4. How to build a longevous business

  • Learn how to ensure your business's longevity
  • Adopt simple management techniques that will keep you innovating
  • Get detailed advice and action points to get started

About the author

Ramon Bez is a growth hacker with ten years of experience in using data to find opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth. In his previous ecommerce job, at TourRadar, he helped raise revenues from $500k to $1M in under a year. In Compass he is responsible for researching Compass's data system and write content on how to grow an online store based on data.

About Compass

With thousands of merchants making $13B+ in annual GMV, Compass is the leading solution for automated management reports and benchmarks for small and medium-sized online merchants. It is made for executives who seek visibility on how to improve their business’ ROI without having to rely on a team of analysts. Compass automatically prepares best-practice reports and benchmarks for your weekly and monthly business meetings.